Jesus Christ Superstar - April 2016

At The Pomegrante Theatre

Tue 26 April 2016 to Sat 30 April 2016


Start Times

Evenings 7.15pm

Sat Matinee 2.15pm.


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"The society enter new territory in this rock opera production. The musical is based on the Gospels’ accounts of the last 3 weeks of Jesus’s life, from his arrival in Jerusalem with his disciples to his crucifixion. The musical is littered with memorable rock-style numbers and presents a huge challenge for this talented company, who received much acclaim for their production of Evita last April." Quote from Chesterfield Theatres click here for tickets.



Andy Quinn                               Judas
Craig Arme                                Jesus
Georgii Bailey                            Mary
Davron Hicks                             Pilate
Danny Winson                            Caiaphas
Neil Yewman                              Annas
Andrew Davie                             Herod & Priest 1
Simon Brickell                           Priest 2
Matthew Rogers                         Apostle & Priest 3
Sam Widdowson                        Peter
Joshua Mason                            Simon
Alan Thorne                               Apostle  
Alan Blair                                   Apostle  
Jordan Stanbrook                      Apostle  
David Wood                                Apostle  
Steve Squires                            Apostle  
Eddie Lloyd                                Apostle  
Heath Parkin                              Apostle & guard
Daniel Wheeldon                        Apostle & guard
Alison Doram*                            Ladies Ensemble, Soul Girls 

Bethany Smith                            and Dancers*

Charlotte Gratton

Darcy Thorpe

Jodie James

Kelly Wallhead*

Kirsty Rogers

Sally Roberts*

Sarah Bates

Sarah Morrell*

Sue Higgins*

Victoria Bond

Barbara Booth                            Ladies Ensemble and

Diane Povall                                Superstar Choir

Gill Cook

Helen Welch

Judith Doram

Liz Burley

Margaret Dring

Marlene Smith

Nic Crossley

Pauline Hindle

Rebecca Peebles

Sue Basson

Tammy Marsh

Proud members of NODA


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